Friday, January 14, 2011


Who has a French Visa?  I HAVE A FRENCH VISA! Yay!  I won't be deported from the country that I have worked so hard to be in, hopefully... That's all I really have to to say on the subject of my trip to France at this time, and that the idea of packing is a bit overwhelming at this point. It would also be great if the weather was nice on the 25th. :-) 

On other notes: If you haven't see The Figther, I recommend it. After watching it tonight I give it a good solid "A".  Christian Bale was terrific and Mark Walhberg had a role he was made to play.

I refuse to take heed in this new astrological chart/extra constellation nosense that is floating about. 
That is all. A bientot!

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