Friday, January 28, 2011

A few photos...

I remembered to take a picture of my food today but only after I ate some of it. C'est du pain aux raisins.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bonjour de la France

I arrived in Angers yesterday! I was met by a member of my host family who drove me to the house with a petit tour on the way. My host family is very nice but I feel kind of strange in someone's home. I don't want to hinder them and I'd rather be alone anyhow. When in my room I became a little emotional when I couldn't figure out if they had internet or not to email my parents. I had a more extensive tour later and went to the store for a few things. I ate a dinner with my family, kinda of stew with pork and vegetables followed by a little bit of cheese and bread and then nutella with caramel crepes! C'etait bien. I went to bed early for me around 10 after I failed at trying to watch american tv on the internet.  After 24 hours without sleep and a lot of traveling I was extremely tired and a bit emotional.

My room is nice and rather big but the set up is odd. In the main room their is a desk and awesome hutch type thing as well as twin bed that is not in use, my double bed is in a connected room that is bit like a storage room or attic with a sky light and a wardrobe.

Today I went on a small walk around the city.

I went to my school.

And then back around to the super market where I bought more necessities and my first pain au chocolat in France at the separate bakery.  It was awesome. I meant to take a picture but than I ate it. oops. I bought some soda that comes in strange shaped bottles like a missal or a torpedo.

Here are some more photos from my walk.

"Je t'aime Margot"
This last one was the wall outside of a private music middle school.  I thought it was extremely cute and reminded me of american middle school.
I'm not really sure what to do on my own here, my other friend who is here doesn't seem to have internet and neither one of us have phones yet. I want to journey to the center of town soon, but not alone. I might though.
I miss everyone already! A bientot.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Who has a French Visa?  I HAVE A FRENCH VISA! Yay!  I won't be deported from the country that I have worked so hard to be in, hopefully... That's all I really have to to say on the subject of my trip to France at this time, and that the idea of packing is a bit overwhelming at this point. It would also be great if the weather was nice on the 25th. :-) 

On other notes: If you haven't see The Figther, I recommend it. After watching it tonight I give it a good solid "A".  Christian Bale was terrific and Mark Walhberg had a role he was made to play.

I refuse to take heed in this new astrological chart/extra constellation nosense that is floating about. 
That is all. A bientot!