Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hello everyone!
I'm sorry it has been so long sense I updated, I had to change my email for the account before spring break because my university email wasn't working for outside accounts any longer and then I forgot the new email over break, of course! I was also just feeling a little lazy when it came to blogging.

Ok, so I had a wonderful two week spring break voyage to Nantes, Nice, Marseille, Cagliari(Sardegna,Italy), Rome and Brussels! Everything was wonderful, Cagliari was a little grimy once you got past the tourist strip but it was a lot of random fun. Brussels was by far the best. I would tell you all about it but it is a little late, I will direct you to a travel buddy's blog who updated in a timely manner: and  yay!


So this week is Finals Week for me. It is awful, well not really it is just constant studying. I have already had my intense finals. I had etude socio-culturelle which was huge test but it was pretty easy, Monday i had histoire also a huge test over about 7 chapters but it was fine if your studied well, langue; a three hour test and yesterday my Histoire de l'art which took about 30 minutes and my oral exam for langue which was scary but fine. I have a Lit test in about an hour. You are probably thinking why aren't you studying? Meh, I feel prepared and even if I'm not I can make a 50% on this exam and still come out with and American A in the class. Hooray for french grading!

Last week we went to a Picnic at the school with our host mom, it was a lot of fun and probably the most time we've spent conversing with our mere.

So I have about 1 week until I get home. I'm excited to come home but I know I will experience culture shock all over again.  Chantal gave Amy and I some caramels that are a specialty of Belle ile in Bretagne, I think? There are about 12 different flavors and some of them are tasty and some of them are strange, I think it was her going away present to us.