Thursday, December 30, 2010

Three states and back...

This morning I got up way before the sun at 4:30 a.m. in order to leave earlier than necessary to make it to my appointment at the French Consulate at 10:40a.m.  My father thought that it would take about 4-5 hours to get there instead of about 3.5.  The drive was rather boring as to be expected.  My father choose to take a back road until the S.C./G.A. border, so there was a whole lot of nothing but trees, dead grass and a cow or two to look at. We drove through this extremely small town, with one stop light and as soon as we start to leave the town what do we see in the rear view mirror?  Yes, those unnerving flashing blue lights. The trooper was pretty nice but the way he crept around the car was unsettling and we still got a speeding ticket for going 44 in a 35 mph.  As you can imagine this put a damper on the drive.

O, and Georgia  what is with the bread crumb trail of dead chickens on I-85? We saw about four or five chickens strung across the side of road within about ten miles.  I thought of zombies when I saw the first chicken, the way the talon was sticking up looked like a severed hand to me.  I attributed this to the George A. Romero  interview that was playing earlier. Anyways, I suspect some chickens were not secured properly on a truck and tried to fly the coop but were shocked by the 70 mph gust.

The French consulate is not a big deal as long as you are prepared.  I arrived 20 minutes early and went up to the window straight away.  The two men that work there are a bit meticulous, apparently they make people cry often. Their security system doesn't make a whole lot of sense, they have a metal detector and trays to put stuff in but no one to monitor this. They didn't understand how my financial aid worked so I  had to explain it to the man at the window for about three minutes and I'm still not sure that he understood.   Even though I was over prepared the experience was still a little stressful, so if you are planning on getting any sort of visa make sure you double check your forms and documents.

I ventured from North Carolina, South Carolina, to Georgia and back all before 5 O'clock, how was your day?

Now, let us hope my visa arrives on time!!

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