Friday, April 8, 2011

I will stay in Europe forever.

Europe will either be the death of me or I will remain here forever as a pseudo gypsy working in the metro stations. Since I stepped foot into the EU, the steadily increasing exchange rate has been chomping at my bank account. Can you just go ahead and finalize bailing out Portugal so that the rate will go back down, please?
After spring break I will be poor and this makes me very sad. I will probably have no way to leave europe and therefore I shall never make it out(this is a complete exaggeration because I already have a ticket home). I'm just glad there is only about 4-5 weeks after break instead of several months.

France, I love you but there are somethings that I don't understand. Today, I read a little excert in one of my books about the French brands for bottled water which there are many, like evian and vittel and that the average french person consumes about 85 liters of bottled water a year which I think  might be less than american but that would require research. However, french people never drink anything. I realized that when I first got here that my host family and many other French people hardly drink a sufficient amount of anything, that all of there glasses are tiny and they never pee(but that leaves me a little befuddled as to where the pee stench comes from on the streets). My host family does not drink from the tap either so they only drink from the 1.5 liter bottles that they purchase in bulk.  Wine can't be all that hydrating.

You all may not know that France is little concerned with appearances. They are actually extremely concerned with them. It is why anytime you are in public you are looked over from head to toe. My cultural teacher told us that if you are female who is not slim, pretty and well dressed that you have no chance at all in finding a job in the business world. And that a lot of people start to prepare themselves for finding a job aesthetically when they are very young. Way to be crappy, France.