Monday, April 11, 2011

Forgetting things is my life in France

So I am being extremely studious and updating my blog instead of studying for my Histoire de l'Art test.  Studying and homework are not my forte in France. Why should I worry about those things in this great country. Don't worry mom and dad, I've been making mostly As and Bs.

French Donkeys are huge, they can't even hold up their own head.
This weekend I went back to the park that is home to the strange donkeys and cows by the Lac de la Maine with some friends. We took a picnic that we bought at the market that morning and sat out by the lake where we saw a topless sunbather. I knew that happened in Europe but I thought they had to be in a designated area or at least away from a family park. The police even came by to shut down a person grilling and looked right at her and her exposed chest and just kept walking. I was not use to seeing a carefree woman just letting everything show. It was a strange sight to see and I'm sure I'll just see more of it on spring break.

By the way, the cop's uniform are really nice. They have tall boots and tight pants like Mr. Darcy.

So I have had a problem with leaving my backpack when we go out for lunch between classes. But usually remember it pretty soon after leaving and it has always been at a place were I am pretty much a regular, so It hasn't been a big deal before today... I made it all the way back from lunch and through my two hour histoire de France class before I realized my purse with my passport and everything else is missing and that I left it at the panini stand table. I freaked out and Amy went with me to go see if it was still there. We walked faster than we have probably walked the whole time in France and I felt like I was going to vomit the whole way there.  But luckily someone had turned it into the counter with everything intact. YAY courteous french people!  Amy said she was going to start gluing my stuff to me. Its probably not a bad idea.

Ever since it has been constantly warm, I have been hearing this strange noise outside. It sounds like a screeching frog/monkey hybrid. I need to find out what it is.

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  1. I love the randomness of this post, I think I am wearing off of on you ....TYPHOID MARY!