Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I had my first test at CIDEF today, I think it went pretty well. The test was in Langue, it was composed of two parts; a reading comprehension and a written expression part. The reading comprehension was a breeze(hopefully) the writing test wasn't too bad. I have four other test next week, bahhh. They are starting to worry me a little bit but at least these grades don't affect my GPA so I just have to pass. I hope to do better than that though.
Everyone seemed to freak out when I told them I was taking 21 hours, my langue teacher  even thinks I'm crazy. Even though it is only one more class than is mandatory here at CIDEF. My study abroad office and my permission to study a broad had 26 hours outlined for me take to transfer over as a full UNCA semester which at CIDEF is not necessary for 21 hours will transfer as 21 unca hours and taking more than that will increase your tuition bill. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? NO, transcripts are confusing.

 I don't feel like I am taking 21 hours at all, I don't have that much homework and most of my classes are at the beginning of the week which is tough but I hardly notice it by Thursday. Although I do take an extensive amount of notes in Histoire de France and Etude-socio culturelle.

France has been good to me but she seems to be tearing up my stomach and exhausting me...

But on a good note this past weekend I visited three chateaux: Azay le Rideau, Chenonceau, and Chambord(the castle in beauty and the beast was inspired by this chateau). The chateaux were beautiful of course and had plenty of history and chimneys, Chambord has 365.

Here is Azay le Rideau, the smallest of the three. The Chateau gives the illusion of floating over a pond and would be absolutely gorgeous in spring and in sunny weather.

This is Chenonceau. Because the castle was privately owned there were a lot of little touches that made the castle feel like people actually lived there at one time. The grounds were also kept extremely well with formal gardens, a labyrinth and fountains.
And last but not least, we have Chambord. Defiantly the most eye catching and largest but it was also very easy to get lost in. It was more like a museum than the rest, with lots of portraits of famous people and their belongings.


  1. le cidre te fait mal au ventre? lol.

  2. I looooove your second photo of Azay-le-Rideau. that is loverly.