Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saint Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel

Yesterday I went with a school group to visit Saint Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel. After a three hour bus ride, we arrived in Saint Malo, a small seaside town with a rich history and lots of crepes and sea food located in Bretagne.  It was home to Cartier who is credited with the discovery of Canada and the writer Chateaubriand. Statues of both. as well as other note worthy people can be found in the walled city. The city also got a good pounding during WWII and had to be completely restored. A good portion of the city is surrounded by ramparts with towers and entries on to the beach. You can walk on the top of the ramparts and see the tight knit city from above.
The girls and I were more than happy just walking around the ramparts and exploring the beach. We searched for a place to eat some crepes and drink some cidre(when in bretagne you must drink cidre or eat some apples). We couldn't decide on a crepe place even though Rick Steves told me which one to eat at, so we settled for a glass of cidre instead.

After another hour bus ride we arrived at the famous Mont-Saint-Michel. Mont-Saint-Michel depending on the tides is an island off the coast of Normandy. The island has been home to Saint-Michel monastry since the 8th century. The Abbey is loacated directly on top of the Montain and it is neccesary to climb a lot of stairs to see its beauty. The Abbey is surround by a small town that surrives off tourisme. The island has only about 30 permanate residences.

After making are way up to the Abbey we took are time looking around. It was amazing to see the views of the ocean from the top. Even though there really isn't enough to look at to spend a whole day, I wish we could of, just to see it at different times. There is suppose to be a good population of salty sheep around Mont-Saint-Michel but unfortunatly we didn't see any.

I uploaded photos from the trip on Flickr. There are a lot of different photos of the same thing, sorry.